How to read Whatsapp's Delete Message?

In today's time, Whatsapp has become so famous that 90% of SmartPhone has Whatsapp Download and people are using it for personal talk as well as business.

How to read Whatsapp's Delete Message?

A few days ago, a new update has come in Whatsapp Application, after which any one can delete the sent Whatsapp message from both you and the one who has sent it from the Whatsapp Chat.
In such a situation, if a friend or businessman sends you Whatsapp Messege and deletes it before you see it, then you feel very keen to see those messeges.
So in this post how we read Whatsapp's Delete Message? That information is going to have to go into detail. By reading the information given below, you will be able to easily read Whatsapp's Delete Message.

How to read Whatsapp's Delete Message ?

While using Whatsapp, all the chats you do with your friends or relatives, backup of all those chats is automatically saved in your Smartphone memory.
You must have seen in your mobile, there is a separate folder named Whatsapp in the device's phone memory, there are many folders in it like: - Sheyrd, trash, Database and Midia Etc.
There are many Folders inside the media named Folder like: Status, Whatsapp Video, Whatsapp Image, Whatsapp Aadio, Whatsapp Animated Gif, Whatsapp Profile Photos, Wallpaper, Whatsapp Voice Notes and Whatsapp Document In Forder there is Automatic Date Save .
Below I have told about the application from which you can read the Delete Message of Whatsapp.

1. How to read Whatsapp's Delete Message through

Notifications History Timeline App

a). First of all, you have to go to your mobile's Play Store Application, after going to the Play Store, you have to search the Notifications History Timeline in the Search Box. Below you will see this application, click on the Install Butan button in Mobile and download it.
b). After installing this application, you should click on the Notification Access of your Smartphone.
c). After clicking, you will see a message on the screen of your Smartphone, click on the OK button in it, which will turn the application on.
d). If your friends or relatives have deleted any message by sanding you and you want to see those messages, then you can see the message using this application.
e). After this process, you can get the deleted message through whenever your friend or any relative delete it by messaging, then you can read all those messages again through the Timeline Notifications History application.

2. How to read WhatsApp's Delete Message through Notification History

If you want to easily see the deleted messages, then this application is perfect using it, you can see the delete message, for this you have to download this application in your mobile.
Download this application in mobile, as soon as this application is downloaded, then after that, all the applications that come in mobile are saved and a Notification History is prepared and prepared by going there, you delete your Whatsapp Can read the message.
You will find many applications of this type in the Google Play Store, but the application that we are going to tell you is using many users's. This App has been downloaded by 1 million people in the Playstore, so let's talk about this application. Let's study.
a). First of all, you have to go to Google Playstore of your Smartphone, search for Notification History in it, Icon of Notification History Application will appear in front of you, click on the Install button and download the application.
b). When the Notification History application is downloaded, you open that application and after it is open, turn on Enable System Setting.
c) After this you will see two options on the screen, first Accessibility Service - Disable and second Notification Service - Disable Enable both these options and click on the OK button.
d). With the help of this application, you can easily read the Delete Message by anyone on your Whatsapp Number.
Friends, in this post, you have received information about how to delete Whatsapp's Delete Message and now you may have to return the deleted message through this application.
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