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Just like everybody wants to earn money online in today's time, so people earn money millions of times on the internet in different ways.

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So in this post, we have told the 11 BEST ways to earn money from WebSite using which you will be able to earn good money from WEBSITE or BLOG.
In today's time, money is not everything but money is definitely a lot It is very difficult to live in a world without money.
That is why in the Earn Money category, we reach the correct and complete information of how to earn money by easy way.

11 Best tips to make money by  Website

There are many ways to earn money online, but it is very difficult to find good and right paying jobs. This post has described many ways to earn money from the website.
As we know there are many ways to earn money online, similarly there are many ways to earn money from website.
People earn lakhs of rupees a month from a website, if you also want to earn money from the website, then use the methods given below.
By using them you will be able to earn very good money from the website.
  1. AdSense
  2. YouTube
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Sell Ads Space
  5. Paid Subscriptions
  6. Accept Sponsorship
  7. Sell Digital Products
  8. Build-Sell-Rebuild WebSite
  9. PayPal Donation
  10. Text link Advertisement
  11. Paid Webinars
Almost all website and blog owners use these methods by earning money from 11 websites.
If you also want to earn money from the website, then know V detail about all the methods below.

1. Make money from Adsense (Pay Per Click)

Adsense is the best way to earn money from websites or blog and earn online money.
Because adsense is the most popular and can never cheat you. It is created by google
You get from $ 0.1 to $ 1000 for one click on Adsense.
In this way, if you monetize the website by following the terms and conditions of Adsense, then you will be able to earn millions of rupees a month from your blog or website.
But for this you will need patience and hard work.
The best part of AdSense is that it is very easy that anyone can earn money with Adsense.
You do not even have to spend a rupee to start making money on Adsense.
If you want to know how to make money from adsense, then you should have a little knowledge about adsense.
The process of making money from Adsense in brief
  • SingUp for Adsense .
  • Put ads on website or blog.
  • Verify your website or blog.
  • Add your bank information
  • Your money will be automatic in your bank account.
Before creating an Adsense account, it is very important to have a website or blog around you.

2. Make Money from YouTube

Whether or not you have a website or blog, you can use YouTube to earn money in both circumstances.
With this lakhs of people are earning lakhs of rupees every month and believe it is very easy and anyone can make money by making videos.
To earn money from YouTube, first you have to create your website or Blog related videos and upload them to YouTube and also tell about your website or blogs in videos.
With which traffic will increase on your website or blog, so that you can earn adsense ads and you can also earn money from youtube videos by monetizing the coming youtube channel.

3. Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing also comes within the top 5 ways to earn money from website or bog, you can earn money from affiliate website very easily.
First of all, you have to create an Affilitae Marketing account. Amazon affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money from affiliate marketing
After creating an account, you will have to generate a link related to your website or blog by generating a link from your account on your website or blog.
After that, if anyone buys items from your link, you will get a commission of 10-30℅.
3 good website of affiliate program is as follows.
  • Commission junction
  • ShareAsale
  • Click Bank
  • Amazon Affiliate

4. Earn money by selling Ads Space

If there is good traffic on your website or blog, then you can advertise any company on the empty space of the blog or website, that you can earn good money.
For this you can talk to the company and if your blog NPR traffic is good, then the companies will contact you themselves and you can earn money by placing ads on the empty space of your website or blog, for this you can take fixed money like - $ 100 per month It depends on the traffic of your blog or website, the more traffic, the more money you will get.

5. How to make money by selling Digital Products (eBook)

An ebook is found on almost 90% of websites on the internet. Some eBooks are free to people who know about the quality of their eBooks. If people like eBooks and work, then people buy eBooks.
If you know how to write anything good that will benefit people and people will like it, then you can earn good money by selling all those information on your website or blog online.

6. Make money from Donation

If your website or blog gives free information and the information of the blog or website is of benefit to the people, then you should ask people for donations for the cost of hosting and domain to run your blog or website and you cannot think How much money you will be able to earn from donations.
Note - Earning of Donations depends on the quality of your blog or website.

7. Make Money From Sponsor Post

You can also earn good money by putting sponsored posts and articles on your website or blog, but check the posts and articles thoroughly that they are sharing Haj or any wrong information because it will reduce the trust of your readers, which will reduce your blog aur It is harmful for the website, you can earn a lot of money by writing sponsored posts on your website or blog.
You will get sponsored post only when there is good traffic on your blog or website, and companies will contact you, you will have to accept and give a sponsored post in the about us page in your blog or website.

8. Make money by selling websites

If you know how to make good websites, then you can create and sell websites and you will get very good money.
You can sell website online. Many websites provide this facility. On the websites that pay the most money, you will be able to earn good money by selling your websites.

9. Earn money with Paid Subscription

You can also earn good money by starting paid subscription on blogs or websites, in that you have to pay subscription fees and if you can pay some pages too, people will have to pay their money before they fall and whatever the medium of giving money is. But I will recommend you paypal, it is the best and is used by everyone.

10. Make money from Text link Advertise

You can earn good money from websites by linking website or blog with and creating automatic back links in articles and posts.
For this you have to do SIGNUP on BACKLINK.COM which is very easy.

11. Paid earned money from Webinars

If you give some information on websites, you should pay all the information to the readers to understand the webinar Arrange, if the readers like your post then they will definitely come in the webinars and you will be able to earn good money.


Hope you will like the 11 BEST ways to make money from this post WEBSITES or BLOG of GpClicks and you have understood about good ways to earn money from websites or blogs.
If you have not understood anything, then definitely ask in the comment.

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